The San Francisco band Glacial.

Formed in 2000 as a collaboration between Mark Westburg and Kevin Bertness, Glacial released their debut CD Side One in 2005.With a sound based on acoustic guitar, piano, and vocals, listeners were drawn in by the lush, warm quality of the production and the classically constructed and orchestrated songs, which included Stained Glass People, Here She Comes, Red Red Roses, 2 Steps Back, Love Charge, No Time Like No Time Now, and A Thousand Things.

In 2010, joined by drummer Brian Lang, the band began a second set of recordings, with songs The Allison Song, Corner of the World, Plunging Madly, Infrared, Little Angel, True Love, Ultramarine, Dark Rembrandt Space, International Falls, and Half A World Away.

In late 2015, bassist Caius Van Nouhuys joined the band, and the quartet played live shows at the Berkeley Piano Club on Oct 22, 2016 and the Community Music Center on Jan 29, 2017. The band returned to the Community Music Center with San Francisco cinematographer Ed Rudolph in March to record video footage for the songs Little Angel and A Thousand Things.

In 2018, Deadly Blue Light Studio, the bands long-time base in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, was demolished to make way for new condos. After relocating to the Bayview District, the band went back to work writing and rehearsing a batch of new and vintage songs. Titles include Science, Not Lurching Into Thursday, Dreamland, Say Yeah, Catastrophic Wheels, Ultimate Thing, and instrumentals Maze and Lucky 7. The band returned to the Berkeley Piano Club for a well-received concert on June 16, 2019, and continues to record and edit their third set of recordings.